About Us

WICCI-KE is dedicated to  helping the entrepreneurial growth of businesses and seeks to promote womens' interests in investment, trade, commerce, agriculture, health, affordable housing, industry and manufacturing. The council is also committed to playing a leadership role in promoting the healthy growth of the country’s economy, establishing a strong international linkage, and projecting a good image for the Kenyan women business community.

Our Aims & Objectives

  1. To strengthen women’s entrepreneurship and boost businesses through greater engagement with government institutions and global trade.
  2. To collect and circulate information and statistics on matters of general, commercial and industrial interest.
  3. To obtain the removal of all acknowledged grievances affecting mercantile and industrial interests, as far as possible.
  4. To suitably deal with legislative and policy matters and other measures affecting women’s business and industry.
  5. To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising from commercial transactions amongst members.
  6. To cooperate with other associations with similar objectives and exchange information.
  7. To work closely with the government, professionals, experts, intellectuals, eminent personalities and with people from industry, trade, business on matters of women commerce.
  8. Organize special programs, workshops, lectures, training, discussions & seminars on subjects of topical interest to members.
  9. Issuance of ‘Cercfiitates of Origin’ in respect of goods exported to India. These
  10. The Chamber will nominate its representatives on several public & semi-public bodies/ boards.
  11. Health and political wellbeing. The chamber will keep members informed on important matters affecting trade, commerce and industry, retail and tourism, as well as community matters which may impact on local business.
  12. To promote business interests of the women private sector.
  13. To further the economic development and to ensure the provision of services and utilities essential to such development.
  14. To provide a representative body for women business people with which the government can consult.
  15. To promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the women business community.
  16. To provide a forum for discussion of private sector goals.
  17. To pool the strengths of women business so that together, they can accomplish tasks that cannot be achieved individually.
  18. To promote economic viability of the area, those current businesses will grow and new ones will be developed locally.
  19. To provide the business sector with a common voice.
  20. To have a foundation to empower women and promote their socio economic.